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Benefiting Charity


THE BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS provide support to young people that is significant but distinguishable from what they get elsewhere – at home, in school, in church, in other private agencies, or in public recreation. By reaching children at an early age and providing positive activities and encouragement, the Boys & Girls Clubs provide a compelling alternative to youth crime, gangs, drugs, and other negative influences that affect our youth today. The following attributes make the Boys & Girls Clubs unique:

They are for all boys and girls. Young people of all races, religions, and ethnic cultures are welcome.
They have full-time professional leadership supplemented by part-time workers and volunteers.

They require no proof of good character and help guide those in danger of acquiring, or who may already have acquired, unacceptable habits and attitudes, as well as children of good character.

They assure that all children can afford to belong with membership dues at $15 per year.

They are for boys and girls. Being a member satisfies the age-old desire of young people to have a “club” of their own.

They are non-sectarian.

They are building-centered. Activities are carried on in the warm, friendly, atmosphere of a building especially designed to conduct youth programs.

They have varied and diversified programs that recognize and respond to the collective and individual needs of girls and boys.

They are guidance oriented. The Boys & Girls Clubs emphasize positive values in the relationship members have with each other and their adult leaders. It helps children make appropriate choices in their physical, educational, personal, social, vocational, and  spiritual lives

We invite you to join us over three spectacular days, February 24, 25 and 26, 2023 as we commemorate the 16th Annual Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance.

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